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Japanese Language. Grammar Exercises and Vocabulary

Neculai Amalinei
Ana-Maria Fujii
Polirom Publishing House, Iasi, 2012.

240 pages, 160x235 mm
ISBN: 978-973-46-2593-2
Price: 24,95 Lei (RON)
Available: Yes

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Japanese Language. Grammar Exercises and Vocabulary

This book is structured as follows:

- Part I titled Grammar and Vocabulary is based on the Japanese grammar topics dealt with in Mr. Amălinei's practical textbook and comprises six sections on nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals, verbs and adverbs. The reader will be exposed to samples of language faithful to real everyday Japanese and to useful spot-on grammar notes;

- Part II Reading and Vocabulary was created to help the reader get used to reading tasks specific to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and to put together the various bits of grammar practice available in Part I. A number of short readings followed by one or several questions check the overall as well as the detail understanding of the Japanese texts;

- Part III contains the Key to Exercises and Their Translation and, besides the correct answers, suggests translations into Romanian for the entirety of the material written in Japanese in order to provide further support to the reader in their effort to make sense of the Japanese sentences; an effort that, as I myself have felt over the years, is too many times a mere frustrating experience which yields results much later and puts to test the individual's strong will and stubbornness more than their talent or interest.

- The book is completed by a Japanese Grammar Abstract which lays forward the theory around which the practical part has been developed. Although it comes last, the reader is encouraged to read it first in order to get acquainted with the necessary grammatical rules needed in going through the exercises.

Building the material in this book has been a new, whirlwind experience which I gladly undertook in order to add one more title to the yet small number of practical Japanese language books available in Romanian and also with the intention of offering a hand to those whose curiosity and ambitions relate to the Japanese language and culture.
Many thanks go to Mr. Neculai Amălinei for suggesting and supervising this book project and for his generosity in offering support and praise for my work; it was a good motivating factor, a rare and priceless gift that any teacher should be able to share.
I also thank my husband Kenta for his help in choosing the most natural communication in Japanese and for being my permanent anchor into the Japanese society: どうもありがとう。
I also feel grateful to my family members, professors and real friends, out of which, unfortunately, some great spirits have passed away, who were there for me in the various stages of life and who made me feel embraced and accepted.

Ana-Maria Fujii

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