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Japanese Language online course.
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Links - Institutions

Japanese Embassy in Bucharest, Romania

The Japan Foundation - Language Institute, Urawa
   The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa, was established as an affiliated organization of the Japan Foundation in 1989 to meet the needs for more assistance and closer cooperation and to supply the educational conditions of each country involved in the study of Japanese language and civilization.
   The Institute runs various programs under the three purposes of
    - human resources developing;
    - developing and producing teaching resources;
    - providing information regarding Japanese language education overseas.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
   JICA's Mission:
   We, as a bridge between the people of Japan and developing countries, will advance international cooperation through the sharing of knowledge and experience and will work to build a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Musashino Association, Japan
   Founded in 1998, our center have promoted cultural awareness of Japan (particular Musashino City) through broad introduction of various aspects of Japanese life, including language, and both present-day and traditional culture.
   Our center - Centrul Musashino Japonia - would like to be a bridge to further advance and deepen this friendly relations between Brasov and Musahino-city.

Links - Personalities

James Breen
   Former professor at Monash University, Australia, Visiting Professor at Research Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) - Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan) and also a member of the board of the Japanese Studies Centre (Australia).
   James Breen is a top personality both in the research activity linked with digital/data communications and the work applied in computational linguistics, particularly in areas related to Japanese electronic dictionaries and text processing.
   He is also the compiler of KANJIDICT and EDICT electronic dictionary databases.
   Jim Breen' Japanese page:

Ken Lunde
   Ken Lunde, PHD, Senior Computer Scientist, CJKV Type Development, Adobe Systems Incorporated.
   Ken Lunde received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in linguistics in 1994 with the dissertation entitled “Prescriptive Kanji Simplification”.
   Author of “CJKV Information Processing”, O’ Reilly, Tokyo 1999, he is an outstanding professional CJKV Font Maker and a renown world personality related with the complex Asian languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
   Ken Lunde's Home Page:

Jack Halpern
   Jack Halpern, CEO & President, CJK Dictionary Institute, Editor in Chief, Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society; Editor-in-Chief of the “New Japanese-English Character Dictionary” and
“Kanji Learner’s Dictionary”, published by Kenkyusha and NTC, 1990 and Kodansha International, 1999.
   Jack Halpern is also very active in lexicographic matters, being an author of a massive kanji database, and expands his vocation to unicycle riding, quena playing and Latin languages.
   Jack Halpern's CJK Dictionary Institute:

Links - learn the Japanese Language

Elementary Japanese Language Course
   Complete elementary Japanese language course with audio mp3 files, grammar, vocabulary trainer, kanji indexes, practice worksheets, realtime dictionary, text processing tool. No Japanese font required!

Japanese Language Dictionary - On Line
   The employee of the Botosani County Prefecture, Mr. Yasuyuki Shimura, a JICA volunteer, designed an on-line Japanese Language Dictionary:
   He also created The Japanese web page of the Botosani County Prefecture:

Links - Japanese Resources

ASAKUSA Underground
   Alternative guide to the Asakusa area of Tokyo, including information on Japanese culture, subculture and small businesses.

Tokyo Hotel & Travel Guide
   Comprehensive travel guide to Tokyo Japan including all the main districts in Tokyo city and surrounding suburbs of Tokyo. Plus Tokyo maps, Tokyo itinerary, Tokyo pictures and Tokyo Hotels.

Links - Martial Arts

Romanian Federation of Aikido

Association Karate Do - Taiji Martial

World Shotokan Karate Do Federation
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