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Japanese Language online course.
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Japanese Language
   Simply and Efficiently - CD

Author: Neculai Amalinei
5th Edition, revised and enlarged
Contains CD-ROM
Polirom Publishing House, Iasi, 2009.

272 pages, 160x235 mm
ISBN: 978-973-46-1406-6
Price: 39.95 Lei (RON)
Available: Yes

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Japanese Language CD-ROM Japanese Language. Simply and Efficiently - CD

This practical course is designed for the students who wish to learn the Japanese language, Nihongo. Its structure includes lessons and a presentation of the basic syllabaries used in the Japanese writing system.

In the textbook are also included:
- the exercises key;
- an index for Japanese words (about 500 entries);
- an index for the Japanese Grammar structures;
- an appendix, that constitutes a table for the complete coded characters set standard JIS X 0208: 1997, with each character indexed by Row-Cell value.

An appendix, in which are introduced:
- Joyo Kanji, 1,945 kanji used in Japan for public documents;
- Gakushu Kanji, 1,006 characters formally taught in during the fist six grades in Japanese schools;
- Jinmei-yo Kanji, 285 kanji sanctioned by the Japanese government for use in writing personal names;
- the 214 Japanese radicals and their variants complete the course.

Although this course is dedicated to the elementary/intermediate level, it might be used as an alternative textbook by those who teach Japanese, too.
The lessons are structured following a logical grammar progression and are written with Latin characters. A special page written in kana is included for each lesson.

The audio CD-Rom is the new item introduced in the 5th edition of the textbook Japanese Language. Simply and Efficiently - CD-ROM. The lessons, as well as the exercises, are rendered in a clear, accurate and expressive Japanese language by Mrs. Sakiko Tsuchiya and Mr. Kazuo Yuasa.

The book Japanese Language. Simply and Efficiently - CD-ROM continues our effort of approaching the linguistic expression of Japanese culture. It is impossible to walk alone on this way.

Therefore, the author expresses his deepest gratitude to:
- Dr. Ken Lunde, Senior Computer Scientist, CJKV Type Development, Adobe Systems Incorporated, for his effective support to our projects and the logistics related to Japanese fonts.
Therefore, we were able to publish, for the first time in Romania, the 214 Japanese radicals with their variants and the coded characters set standard JIS X 0208: 1997.
- Professor James Breen, Monash University, Australia, compiler of KANJIDICT and EDICT electronic dictionary databases, for his continuous support in transposing the creative ideas regarding the language, history and civilization of Japan.
- Mr. Jack Halpern, CEO & President, CJK Dictionary Institute, Editor in Chief, Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society, for his comprehensive and creative linguistic discourse.
- Japanese associated lectures for the study of Japanese Language and Civilization in Romania, for their effort and devotion in expressing the Japanese cultural message;
- Professor Rodica Cricler for the adequate Romanian grammar support provided;
- Mrs. Kovacs Erika, for the pertinent observations of linguistic methodic brought to the previous edition of this book;
- Mrs. Sakiko Tsuchiya and Mr. Kazuo Yuasa, for the manner in which they expressed themselves and invested their distinguished personality in rendering an accurate and living Japanese language within the audio-CD.

Japanese Language. Simply and Efficiently - CD-ROM is a true reference and an important aid for both teaching and learning Nihongo.

The Author
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