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Japanese Language online course.
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Konnichi wa
   Practical Course of Japanese Language

Author: Neculai Amalinei
A 92 Publishing House, Iasi, 2002.

196 pages, 210x297 mm
ISBN: 973-9476-35-X
Price: 135000 lei / 13.50 lei noi

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Konichi wa - Practical Course of Japanese Language

There is a belief in Japan that the Japanese belong to a Solar Kingdom, because their Emperor is a divine descendent of the Sun Goddess - Amaterasu Omikami.
Amaterasu was called "the Great Shining Goddess of the Sky". Because she was so beautiful, the gods decided to raise her on the Sky Ladder and remain there forever. Thus, her beauty and brightness would shine forever over the Earth.
For this reason in Japan the Sun adoration was practiced for a long time. The strangers used to speak about Japan as 'the country of the Rising Sun', "Hi no moto".
Therefore, the Sun, "Hi no maru" became the symbol for Japan and it was instituted as the national flag of Japan.
Nihon, the Kanji used for writing Japan have the meaning of "Solar roots".
Hence, one can translate Nihongo as "the language with Solar roots".

Beyond the poetry included in this name, the language itself is definitely related to the Japanese culture and traditions.
This practical course is designed for the students who wish to learn the Japanese language, Nihongo.
Its structure includes lessons and a presentation of the basic syllabaries used in the Japanese writing system.

Although this textbook is dedicated to the beginners' level, it might be used as an alternative workbook by those who teach Japanese, too.
The lessons are structured following a logical grammar program and are written with Latin characters. A special page written in kana is included for each lesson.

Due to the programs initiated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, Japanese language is taught by Japanese volunteers in many cities in Romania: Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Tirgoviste, Tirgu Mures, etc.
This textbook is also usefully for the students that attend Nihongo by these programs.
"Konnichi wa. Practical Course of Japanese Language" is our first attempt to reach a far away civilization with a unique language in the world.
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